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Leather Jackets- Latest Trends, Styles and Buying Guide For Men and Women
Leather Jackets used to be a masculine style icon for men in the past. They roared to fame in the ’60sand “70s thanks to Marlon Brando’s exquisite Bad-Boy Character in movies. The Modern Leather Jackets nowadays are a blend of classic styleand comfortable slim fit.
Leather jackets first came into notice in early 1900s. They are a product of the industrial revolution in which the styled jackets were exclusively made for Pilots and Military.
I think jackets are also a part of human evolution, as the earliest men used Cow and Goat skin for winter and rainy seasons.
Nowadays, leather jackets are very versatile in design, Fit, Color and Quality. This is due to the different needs and desires of people. For example, if a person wants to compliment his style with a bad boy look, he will naturally feel an inclination towards Biker and Motorcycle Jackets.
If you are budget conscious but don’t want to compromise on the Quality then a Classic Vintage Style Jacket will be the best choice.
Are Leather Jackets Durable?
A good leather jacket is long-lasting and durable. If you want a reliable jacket that lasts for years then look for Cow, Goat, Lamb and Bison Skin leather Jackets. Each type has its own characteristics, which I will explain below.
Many people go for discounted Cheap Leather jackets without looking at Quality and Fit. I advise you to invest in a premium brand that is worth the value in the long run.
Not only you will enjoy reliability, but a high-end Premium Workmanship will create a snuggle fit over your body for a longer period of time.An equally important part is to perform proper care to make them last longer.
How much you should spend on a Leather Jacket?
Leather jackets are available in different price tags. The higher you go, the more quality and value you get. But this is not the always the case as some brands charge a high price for the name, not the quality. It is therefore imperative that you do proper research before investing in a quality jacket.
Also, don’t go for a jacket just because it is on sale. A good jacket is well-designed, sits comfortably on your body and accentuate your looks. It has minimum seams and the jacket looks smooth and elegant to the eyes.
You should alsolook for the soft and silky feeling in the jacket. Lambskin leather jackets producethe luxurious and premium feel, but they are not rugged and durable.
So, what is the solution?
In order to choose the best Quality, go with the “Grained Leather Jackets”. They are thick and hard. It will take some time to break in, but once the seam breaking process is done, you will get a perfect fit and comfortable fit.
Are they worth the investment?
A good leather jacket having a price range between 1000 to 2000 dollars can last you a lifetime. For casual events,you can invest in a bomber and a flight jacket. These jackets are highly versatile and they never run out of fashion.
If you want to look edgy and sharp, a biker, double rider or motorcycle jacket should be the trendy jacket you should look for.
No Matter, what type of jacket you buy, as long as it is “Full Grain” or made up of original Cow and Lamb Skin, it will be the worth the investment. You can pair up leather jackets with Jeans, Chinos, Work Clothes, etc., and I am sure you will amplify your look.
Leather Jackets also keep you warm in winter and outdoors. Many Jackets comes with Fur inside and on the top collar to keep the body warm in extreme temperatures.
So, say goodbye to those Baggy, Foamy Jackets and embrace the new word of leather to maintain your style and edginess even in winter with the Sleek and Snuggle Fit of Modern Leather Jackets for men and women.
Types of Leather Jackets, For Men and Women
Here are some different types of Leather Jacket Currently in Style for the year 2019-2020
For Men and Women
• BomberFlight Jackets
• DoubleRider Biker Jacketsand Peacoat
• Motorcycle Racer Jackets
• Utility and“Fatigue” Military Style Jackets
• Car Coat Leather
• Duster& trench Winter Jacket
• Leather Cosplay
• Faux Fer Leather for Women and Men
• Parka Leather
• Cattleman Rancher Western
• Screen Replica Celebrity Jackets
• Designer Jackets for Men and Women
• Custom Leather Jackets(Recommended)
• Genuine Leather Jackets
• Real Leather Jackets Men and Women
Now, I will explain to them one by one, so you can better decide which one fit your style and aura better;
Bomber Flight Jackets for Ladies, Men, Girls, and Kids
Bomber and flight style classic leather jacketswere worn by World War-I pilots. They are made to fit with Elastic on Arms and Waist. A central Zip and a soft layer inside, keep the wearer comfortable during winter.
Personally, I prefer Bomber Jackets 80’s Style.
Zara and H&M make some Quality Bomber Flight Jackets for Ladies, Men, and Kids. Bomber jackets are also for sale in Patches for Girls, so you can also check them out.
Double Rider Bikerand Peacoat Leather jackets
Double Rider Bike and Peacoat Leather Jackets epitomize Classic Bad Boy Style. It is usually availablein Black color with Zippered Lapels and Waist Belt. The Zip is also offcenter. This style signalizes edgy andadventurerpersonality.
Peacoat Leather Jacketsusually features Buttons instead of Zips and Pockets. They are also plain, simple and sleek in design.
Motorcycle Racer Jackets
A motorcycle racer jacket is also an example of Peacoat type jackets which are minimalistic in design. Unlike Peacoat, a biker jacket features Zips on angled pockets and central region. It is comfy, flexible and has a good fit around the body.
Utility and “Fatigue” Military Style Jackets
If you like hunting then a utility Fatigue Jacket is the perfect fit for you. It has multiple pockets for arranging Hunting utilities like bait, binoculars, Water, etc., The Utility Fatigue Jacket was made famous all over the world by James Bond Movie Actor “Danial Craig” in his film “Defiance”.
The utility Military jackets nowadays are very stylish, especially for women. They come in variances in color and style, like Blue, Black, Green, Brown, Pink, Hooded, Olive, Black, short and overcoat style.
Car Coat Leather
The car coat leather jacket is a blend of classic ‘80s style hardcore jackets and Modern Design. Instead of patches, zippers and Side Pockets the Car Coat Leather Jacket features a clean look with central buttons. It looks smooth and the compact lapels on the collar give an elegant and classy look.
Milwaukee, Bristol, Cole Haan, and Scully make some of the best Car Coat Leather Jackets in the market.
Duster & trench Winter Jacket
Duster and trench coat leather jackets are overcoats made of leather. If you remember “NEO” from the Movie “Matrix” you will know how cool it looks. Hugh Jackman in the movie “Van Helsing” also wear Duster leather Jacket. These two characters look dashing, in command and on top of their game in looks and style with the Duster Jacket.
If you want to give your personality an Alpha look with a pinch of gentleness then I recommend Trench and Duster for Men.
Duster leather jackets with a Wide Lapel and Waist Belt are becoming popular especially in cold and windy areas among women. These jackets give women a sense of warmth and safety, so they can truly get comfortable in their skin.
Leather Cosplay Jackets
Cosplay leather jackets are the latest trend in leather jackets. They are also a type of custom leather jackets. For example, if you like a certain movie or TV-show character and you are passionate about his/her style and fashion sense and want to try out the outfit of your favorite Hero, then there are brands who can make the perfect match Cosplay jacket for you.
I personally like Danial Craig’s Leather Jacket in the Movie “Defiance”, so I will definitely try it out someday.
Fingers Crossed for now!
Faux Fer Leather for Women and Men
Faux Fer Leather Jackets for Men and Women are a typical type of leather jacket with Fur on Lapels and Zipper. The Fur can be of Blond, Burgundy, Brown and Black Color. Brown Color Fur looks really cool especially on women as it gives them a luxurious look.
Men’s Faux Fer Leather Jackets are very versatile just like women. Biker, Slim, Motorcycle and double rider jackets with Fur Collar give men business and authoritative Vibe.
Parka Leather
Parka leather jackets are lengthy type of coats and jackets, but these jackets extend up to thighs rather than feet. They are waterproof and made for extreme climates.
Some Parkas comes with hoodies and some have Fer on the collar and central region. They look equally good on both men and women and are available in color of brown, Green, Blue and Pink. Personally, I prefer the Green Version as it is classy and appealing.
Cattleman Rancher& Western Leather Jacket
Cattleman Rancher Jackets are made up of suede, Cow and Sheep Skin. Currently, Schott produces the best Cattleman Rancher Jackets with a western touch. These jackets are hard, rugged, minimalistic in style and have buttons instead of the zipper just like Pea Coats and Double Rider Jackets.
Some versions also feature fur on the collar, main body, and sleeves.
Screen Replica Celebrity Jackets
Screen Replica jackets are typically leather jackets that celebrities and Superheroes wore in movies and TV shows. Many online sites like Soul Revolver provide Batman Dark Knight, Wolverine, and other famous movies and Film leather jackets.
Star Wars, Justice League and Captain America, the Winter Soldier Leather Jackets are in a hot trend. If you like to have one of these keep visiting our site as in the near future, I will recommend some good sites to buy celebrity and Famous Movies Cosplay and Replica Jackets.
Designer Jackets for Men and Women
Designer Jacket for men and women are premium jackets that are designed by some famous fashion designer. They range between 1000 to 10,000 Dollars.Biker and Bomber Designer Jackets have the most designer variety for men and women.
Custom Bespoke Leather Jackets (Recommended)
Custom leather Jackets are getting a lot of steam these days. The reason is that in the old day’s people used to buy jackets that had a standard fit. I mean they were made to the standard measurements of a typical male and female body dimensions.
This factor meant that the Jackets were not suitable for everybody. Some were baggy and some were too tight around the body of most people.
Custom Leather Jackets has revolutionized the design sense. They are cost-effective, made to fit and tailored to each person’s taste and personality.
How Can I Get a Custom Leather Jacket Made only for me?
There are a lot of sites on the internet that can make a custom leather jacket for you. But I typically like to order from “getcutomleatherjackets.com” website. The site has great customer support and a very simple process to order a customized jacket.
Just Fill in the form, give your body dimensions, select pocket or jacket style, and voila they will immediately start working on making the perfect jacket for your body.
Order Cosplay,Screen Replica, Famous Film, Movies, and Celebrities Leather Jackets
You can also order celebrity and Famous film customized leather jackets from the site mentioned above. If you want Batman, Captain America or any type of celebrity jacket whether new or old, just contact them through E-mail and Phone- state your particulars and your request will be processed and delivered with confirmation in few days.
A good leather Jacket that fits your body well, compliments and enhances your existing looks is worthy to wear. Wearing Cloths that exude confidence, feminism in women and masculinity in men is attributed to business and personal success.
Custom Leather Jackets has made showcasing and amplifying your personality with the desired taste,a reality in modern times. You can feel special and unique again just like you truly are with the special fit, design, Handcrafted leather and workmanship of Custom Leather Jackets.

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