Trench and Winter Coats

Men and Women’s Trench Coats Buying Guide
Men and Women’s Trench Coat style originatedduring the World War-I Era, to protect troops from moisture, rain,and dust in trenches. Modern Coats still retain the basic design, but they are more fashionable, lightweight and luxurious to wear.
The best men and Women Trench Coatsare manufactured by Burberry ltd., They make the trench coats for Girls, Boys, and Men. There are three main fashionable styles available which are heritage, runway and classic vintage.
Men and Women’s Waterproof Trench Coats Short, long, Brown, Black, Belted and Hooded-Custom Buy Online
The trench coat has been around for a long time and it will remain popular in the coming future. It demonstrates a unique fashion statement with colors like black, brown, khaki and grey. Apart from an appealing design Trench coats are also waterproof and weatherproof.
If you are going outside and live in an area which is prone to dampness then a trench coat is must-have garment wear. It will protect your clothes, hair,and skin from wetness and cold environment.
Here is the type of trench coat styles people love to wear;
Belted- Just like you wear a belt with your pants, a trench coat also features a belt around the waist to keep the coat in alignment with man and woman’s body.
Vented-The trench coats that features a vent,have a central cut at the bottom rear. Vented Coats makes the bodily movement convenientand comfortable.
Other features that a trench coat may include are the following;
• Insulated Layers for Cold and Wet Weather
• Shoulder Epaulets for decorations and style
Now let’s talk what things to look out for when you are online shopping Trench Coats from Zara, H&M, Mark and Spencer, Banana Republic, Hobbs, Belted and Hooded;
Length- The first most important thing when buying a trench coat is deciding on the length. Ask yourself the following questions, Do I want to go for the Full length? or am I comfortable with the length up to the knee?
For women, they can either choose long or short trench coat length according to their choice.
Other factors that are equally important for fit are;
• Shoulder Length
• Chest Fit
• Sleeves

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